Great Professional FB pages

Who does a good professional FB page? Share names of pages you think work well and why they work for you.

Feedback by: Pranav Shrestha

The Rolling Stones - I am a big Stones fan and their FB page is very well kept. It gives its "fans" some exclusive content, they frequently post stuff online and from time to time honor other musicians also.!/therollingstones?sk=wall&filter=2

Coca-Cola - It is the biggest brand in the world. So obviously, whatever they do that represents their brand has been polished to perfection. Coca Cola has been around for ages and this is how they are still the biggest and the most recognized brand in the world. See for yourself:

Feedback by: Carrington Daniel
I think the Cabelas facebook page is pretty good. It is very open to discussion with people writing on the wall of the page. There is also a little bit of advertising with sales going on at the stores. Even saw some attempts at getting jobs. They also have a cool set of pictures of people who have had successful hunts and got big game.!/pages/CABELAS/222400901252?sk=photos

I also really like the ESPN page. It is created perfect for the crowd that follows it. They even have a fan of the week picture that they put at the profile picture for that week. There are only updates from the actual creator. Basically just fast updates and cool little mini stories.!/ESPN

Feedback by: Eric Croskrey

Post Secret- This is a good page because it shows users new content they have received and also about events that are happening that might interesting to go to.

Dierks Bentley- I am a little biased on this page because I am his fan. His facebook page is linked to his twitter so there are usually pretty entertaining posts by him, similar to any celebrity. Recently he was writing an album but put live feeds into the studio on his facebook page so users could see what was going on in the studio while he was in there.

Feedback by: Jason Schnicker

Burton Snowboards This page is updated on a constant basis which includes photos, videos, merchandise, competitions (tours, opens, etc.), and much more. The site is built really for anyone that has a passion about snowboarding, and wants to stay in touch with the professionals of the sport. It also has a nice biography about who started the company and how it came to be.

GNC Live Well Posts regularly, which can be anywhere from 2-3 times in a day. There's information ranging from discounts, supplemental releases, and nutritional articles from all over the web. It is also nice to see customer's reviews on products you were thinking about trying. This site keeps me aware of what's the next best thing, and I can read articles about nutritional benefits to products.

Feedback by: Katie Goering

Abercrombie & Fitch: This page is updated regularly and includes many photos that go along with the posts. Having the wall filled with updates rather than comments from customers makes it seem more professional and kept up to me. I also like that it gives information about the company.

Lion Brand Yarn Posts very regularly. They post links to free patterns, interesting questions for people to respond to. They don't do heavy advertising, so I feel like it's a community, not an ad.

Turbo Jam(The fitness DVD.) Posts 1-2x a week, which isn't very often. Posts tend to be more advertising-like, so I rarely click on the included links. Sometimes there's a question, but often very ad-like—"Which Turbo Jam workout do you like best?" Sounds like "how much do you love our product?" Cheesy.

Feedback by: M.J. Moore
I Am Runner Posts on a regualar basis from various runners who share training tips, upcoming races, and updates how their runs went. Basically it's a fun page for runners to communicate amongst themselves.

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Feedback by: Chris Stoner

Domino's Pizza Posts many times a week- all posts are pizza related, but usually have fun plays on common phrases or basic polls quizzes that don't come off as blatant advertisements. They keep a conversation and mindfulness about their product while not badgering their fans with belligerent advertising.

Feedback by: Katie Ricklefs

Lonesome Road
I tend to stay away from “liking” any company, band, person, or anything else for that matter. “Liking” tends to spam up my mini-feed and overall create a great amount of annoyance. However, I have chosen to “like” Lonesome Road, which is a country band that mostly plays in small-town bars in eastern Iowa. The band (or whoever updates the page) does a very good job of posting upcoming shows, thanking the audience for attending, and other fun tidbits throughout the week. The tones of the postings are fun, informative, and exciting.!/lonesomeroadband

Feedback by: Angie Pederson

Although its status updates can be overwhelming and tend to do a lot of advertising, the actual Facebook page and its structure are very appealing to me. They have multiple tabs the user can click through, so the page is not cluttered with different pieces of information. Overall, it is very user-friendly and promotes user-generated content. There are many videos and discussion forums that make this page stand out from other competitors. Gap also promotes many charities and had a donation campain that donated $1 to a group of charities for every "like" on its donation status updates.

Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery
This Facebook page focuses more on creating a positive public image, than in-your-face advertising. The page often posts photos of wine tastings and other special events that showcase what the company has to offer at its location. The main thing I really like about this page is that it isn't frequently updated, meaning someone posts maybe once or twice a week. This is infrequent when compared to larger businesses or organizations that can flood a user's News Feed with posts multiple times per day. When something is posted, it captures my attention, and I usually read it when other Facebook "spammers" get ignored.

Feedback by: Nick Ludwig

Coe College Athletics
I love getting updates from the Coe College Athletics facebook page! It makes it easy for me to connect with the most recent athletic news at Coe while I'm socializing on Facebook. It appears as though the page uses some sort of integration tool to automatically post updates from it's website. That system would work very well - you only have to manage one source of information that acts as the hub for the rest of your communication - your website! I know a lot of social media users get confused as to which platform they should use to disseminate certain messages. Using collaborative software or integration tools help you manage your posts in order to have a more streamlined online presence. For social users freeware programs such as Tweetdeck can be installed on your desktop. With software like Tweetdeck you can update all your your social media "statuses" at the same time, or you can pick and choose which ones you would like to update. Check it out! For now though - kudos to the Coe College Athletic department for figuring all this out for a nicely integrated Facebook page!!/CoeAthletics

Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce
I've been a fan of the Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce page for a while - they always have community events for business people looking to get involved and network with other area professionals. I've used this Facebook Page to find out about upcoming events in the area. Most of the time the link doesn't take you to a Facebook event, but instead the Chamber webpage that allows you to register for the event via online forms. It would be interesting for the Chamber to consider the use of Facebook events, but then that gets confusing for an event organizer to decide whether or not to consider people who are "attending" seriously or not. A lot of times people on Facebook just say they're attending so they can clear it from their notifications. The Chamber does a great job of not only promoting their own events, but giving input to other things that are going on in the area. They post multiple times a day as well, so you know their office is very active!!/crchamber