How to set up a page

Share some advice on "how to set up a page for an organization." If you've done it, share your knowledge. Or go to FB, and find out what it says.

Static FBML Advice by: Pranav Shrestha

So, setting a basic Facebook Fan page is very easy as you can read from the advices posted below. Once you have setup the page, you can do more to make it better - add a customized sub-page within your Facebook Page. This can be easily done with some basic knowledge of HTML and with the help of an app called Static FBML. Here's a great example of a customized page (note: the developers have used high level HTML and Javascript coding):!/DietCoke

However, here's how you can setup a basic custom sub-page using Static FBML:
To add the Static FBML App:
1.Click "Edit Page" under the Page's large avatar image
2.If you don't see "Static FBML" then scroll down to "More Applications" and you'll probably see Static FBML listed
3.Click on "Static FBML" to go to the Static FBML application;
4.On the Static FBML application page, click "Add to my Page" in the left column
5.You have successfully added Static FBML to your Page.

To create a page using Static FBML: on "Edit Page" in the left column right under the logo/avatar
2.Under "Applications" scroll until you see the "FBML - FBML"
3.Enter in the "Box Title" field the name you want your tab to have
4.Enter the HTML/CSS codes in the box.
5.After you've added in your HTML/FBML — Click "Save Changes"
6.That's it. You have created a customized sub-page that can add a lot more content to your Facebook Page.

Advice by: Carrington Daniel

With having no experience in setting up a professional facebook page for an organization, the main thing I can think of would be don’t try and sound too professional. Remember, this is facebook, which is mainly used by the younger, busier generations. The older generations are starting to pick up on facebook more and more as well. It is important to remember that facebook is so loved for its convenience. It’s fast, easy to use, and fun to play around on. Make sure to keep it fun and easy to navigate. People don’t want to have to read a bunch of stats and facts right at the front. Keep it on the level of your followers.

Advice by: Jordan Taylor

Through my own experience with organization tabs on social networking sites, I feel they are most effective when the information is as simple and precise as possible. If you want someone to follow what you're putting out there, make the information easy to read and identify. Michelle Klobassa's page for the Coe Track Team is a great example as she lists the top accomplishments of every meet, includes pictures, and alerts followers of upcoming meet dates which is highly important for friends and family who look to stay in touch with the athletes they support. Much like with blogging, it is very important to post as often as possible or the 'dead' tag could be given to your page by those who perceive it as so.

Advice by: Eric Croskrey
With having no experience on setting up a facebook page for an organization, my advice would be do not set it up like you set up a personal facebook account. You would want to make sure that the information posted on your site is good for your business. When going to facebook and seeing how to set up a site for an organization it doesn't look very complicated. Just enter in the information and hit a couple of buttons and the sit is made. Just make sure the information you are adding is information you would want available from your business.

Advice by: Jason Schnicker

I have never actually set up a page for an organization, but if I were to do so I would keep in mind my target audience, messages I am sending, and how I send them. You have to be very careful the way you word things on your Facebook page. Is is very hard to determine emotions through text. People may get a misrepresentation of your company if they are just recently joining your page, so it is crucial to keep that in mind when posting anything to your wall.

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Advice by: Katie Goering

Although I've never set up a professional facebook page, I've heard that it isn't very difficult. I used google to find step-by-step setup instructions:
1. Log onto Facebook. You need to be an official representative of an organization or group to create a Facebook page for it, but you can create the page using your personal account.
2. Go to
3. In the "Create New Facebook Page" box, choose a category: Local (choose Business category); Brand, Product or Organization; or Artist, Band or Public Figure. You will need to certify that you are authorized to create the page by typing (digitally signing) your name and checking the box. Make sure your typed name matches your full Facebook profile name.
4. Begin building your online presence by posting information on your "wall," sharing photos and/or videos and listing upcoming events.
5. Select "Settings" to manage various aspects of your page, including age and location restrictions, who is able to post to your wall, discussion boards, links, notes and other applications.
6. When your basic settings are complete, View your page and choose "Publish" to make it live on Facebook.
7. Engage "fans" by clicking the "Share" button at the bottom right of your page and sending to your Facebook friends. Hopefully, they'll tell two friends, who will tell two friends, and so on.
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Advice by: M.J. Moore

Who can create a page? Anyone who has access to fb can create a page for an organization. Typically, it's the official representative of an organization or business who creates a page for their particualar organization unless they allocate this responsibility to someone else. Once this is done, the page creator can then add other representatives to help them manage the page for an organization. Each administrator will be able to update and edit their pages from their own fb accounts at anytime.

Advice by: Chris Stoner

From the Facebook login page, look at the bottom right corner of the screen, and there will be a link that says "Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business". After clicking on this, you are taken to a screen that offers a choice between two types of pages: Community Page or Official Page. For a business, you want to choose Official page. In that column, fill out all of the relevant data: Type of business, name of the business (and page), and confirm that you are indeed the official representative of the group in question. From that point on it is a simple matter of appointing others within your organization who are also capable of managing the page, and formatting the page itself to fulfill your business's aims.

Advice by: Garrett Smith

When creating a Facebook page for an organization one should focus on the main target of why they are creating the page in the first place. This page can be created by anyone who has a Facebook login but can then be managed or administered by others workers/co-workers. Since this is a page for an organization, it should be professionally done as to represent the image of what your business is trying to portray itself as. These other people will be able to then help add or change material such as services, prices, hours, etc.

Advice by: Angie Pederson

It’s very easy to set up a professional Facebook page. The more difficult part is maintaining it. The best piece of advice I have for creating professional pages is to stay true to the organization it is being created for. Make sure the page reinforces the organization and is used properly and professionally. In my opinion, it’s best to come up with a plan and a direction for your page before signing on to Facebook. It’s easy to get carried away, so it’s a good idea to have a clearly defined purpose and focus to serve as inspiration.